Your local mexican restaurant

Happy Hour Menu

$3.25 Imports and Micros

Heineken, Newcastle, Stella Artois, Corona, Fat Tire, Sunshine Wheat, Local Seasonal beer

$2.25 Domestic Beer

Coors Light, Miller Light, Budweiser, Bud Light

$4.75 Well Drinks

Svedka Vodka, Appleton Rum, Margaritaville T guila, Pinnacle Gin, Esra Brooks Bourbon

$4.75 Featured Wines

Renfold Chardannay, LaFiera Pino Griegio, Red Diamond Malbec, Canyon Road Cabernet

Food Menu

(Happy Hour Only)

$3.00 Assorted Sliders

Meatball, Beer Batered Cod, Chicken Parmesan, Tuscan Vegetable with Goat Cheese

$4.00 Antipasti Selections

Chefs Antipasti Plate, Crispy Crab Stuffed with Jalapeno and bacon, Smoked Salmon Caesar

$5.00 Pizzas

Six Cheese, Classic Boarhead Pepperoni, Capicola and Pineapple, Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions